About Prefix Server

This service fills a gap between services like prefix.cc and LOV or looking up the original vocabulary specification. Not all vocabularies (or schema or ontology, whatever you want to call them) provide an HTML view. If you resolve some of the common prefixes all you get back is some RDF serialization which is not ideal.

Use this service to

  • Look up the RDF specification of a particular term
  • Get some ideas of what classes and properties you could use by searching for keywords in our full-text index

This service is opinionated, it is based on a curated list of vocabularies with prefixes maintained in a separate GitHub repository. If you would like to add additional vocabularies to the service, either create an issue and pull-request on the vocabulary repository or fork the service and run your own instance.

This service is created and maintained by Zazuko, your trusted partner for everything around knowledge graphs, linked data, and RDF.

Made with ♥ in Europe. Pull requests are welcome!