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    Geometry is the root class of the hierarchy. The instantiable subclasses of Geometry are restricted to 0, 1 and 2-dimensional geometric objects that exist in 2, 3 or 4-dimensional coordinate space (R2, R3 or R4). Geometry values in R2 have points with coordinate values for x and y. Geometry values in R3 have points with coordinate values for x, y and z or for x, y and m. Geometry values in R4 have points with coordinate values for x, y, z and m. The interpretation of the coordinates is subject to the coordinate reference systems associated to the point. All coordinates within a geometry object should be in the same coordinate reference systems. Each coordinate shall be unambiguously associated to a coordinate reference system either directly or through its containing geometry. The z coordinate of a point is typically, but not necessarily, represents altitude or elevation. The m coordinate represents a measurement. All Geometry classes described in this specification are defined so that instances of Geometry are topologically closed, i.e. all represented geometries include their boundary as point sets. This does not affect their representation, and open version of the same classes may be used in other circumstances, such as topological representations.