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    The modulus of an RSA public and private key. Or the modulus of a DSA Key. The modulus is encoded as a hex binary. The binary is the same as the one encoded in the XML DSIG CryptoBinary

    This specification defines the ds:CryptoBinary simple type for representing arbitrary-length integers (e.g. "bignums") in XML as octet strings. The integer value is first converted to a "big endian" bitstring. The bitstring is then padded with leading zero bits so that the total number of bits == 0 mod 8 (so that there are an integral number of octets). If the bitstring contains entire leading octets that are zero, these are removed (so the high-order octet is always non-zero).

    The only difference is that the octet string is then encoded using either xsd:base64Binary or xsd:hexBinary. Currently for all usages of this relation, the xsd:hexBinary datatype should be used until the SPARQL working group specifies specifies in its D-Entailment that those two types are equivalent.

    It would have been better had there been a hexInteger datatype that was standard and supported by all tools.