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    A Polygon is a planar Surface defined by 1 exterior boundary and 0 or more interior boundaries. Each interior boundary defines a hole in the Polygon. The exterior boundary LinearRing defines the top of the surface which is the side of the surface from which the exterior boundary appears to traverse the boundary in a counter clockwise direction. The interior LinearRings will have the opposite orientation, and appear as clockwise when viewed from the top, The assertions for Polygons (the rules that define valid Polygons) are as follows: a) Polygons are topologically closed; b) The boundary of a Polygon consists of a set of LinearRings that make up its exterior and interior boundaries; c) No two Rings in the boundary cross and the Rings in the boundary of a Polygon may intersect at a Point but only as a tangent. d) A Polygon may not have cut lines, spikes or punctures. e) The interior of every Polygon is a connected point set; f) The exterior of a Polygon with 1 or more holes is not connected. Each hole defines a connected component of the exterior.