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    A Surface is a 2-dimensional geometric object. A simple Surface may consists of a single patch that is associated with one exterior boundary and 0 or more interior boundaries. A single such Surface patch in 3-dimensional space is isometric to planar Surfaces, by a simple affine rotation matrix that rotates the patch onto the plane z = 0. If the patch is not vertical, the projection onto the same plane is an isomorphism, and can be represented as a linear transformation, i.e. an affine. Polyhedral Surfaces are formed by stitching together such simple Surfaces patches along their common boundaries. Such polyhedral Surfaces in a 3-dimensional space may not be planar as a whole, depending on the orientation of their planar normals. If all the patches are in alignment (their normals are parallel), then the whole stitched polyhedral surface is co-planar and can be represented as a single patch if it is connected. The boundary of a simple Surface is the set of closed Curves corresponding to its exterior and interior boundaries. A Polygon is a simple Surface that is planar. A PolyhedralSurface is a simple surface, consisting of some number of Polygon patches or facets. If a PolyhedralSurface is closed, then it bounds a solid. A MultiSurface containing a set of closed PolyhedralSurfaces can be used to represent a Solid object with holes.